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How I made 365,000 Euros on PPC in one month with 13% ACoS, Amazon PPC (advanced)

Workshop Host: Davide Nicolucci Oct 24, 2019 10:00 - 13:00

Already have a grasp of Amazon advertising but want to get to the next level?

This workshop is made for experts already selling on Amazon and doing paid campaigns but want to go to a whole new level.

Advanced course - How I made 365,000 euros on PPC in one month with 13% ACoS

1 - The hidden gems that most sellers miss from PPC report
2 - Keywords optimization: when, how much, why?!
3 - Multi-variation groups management
4 - The right way to use keywords match (Broad, Phrase, Exact)
5 - Product management / selection in groups
6 - How to setup and manage Product Targeting Campaigns
7 - Dynamic bidding: how does it really work and how to get the best of it
8 - Alternative campaigns / keywords sources that will revive your sales
9 - Overview to AMZ tools

Mastering Seller Central

Workshop Host: Daniel Fernandez Oct 24, 2019 14:00 - 18:00

Beginner (about 4 hours)
- How to do product research and skip the “beginner phase”
- Understanding how much money you need to begin and grow your amazon business
- Seller Central in-depth walkthrough that will save you hours of frustration

Intensive Workshops After The Summit

Happening Oct 24, 2019

Amazon PPC Boost

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Master Seller Central

$295 USD

Normally 695

  • Take charge of Amazon seller central (Learn More)

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