What language will the conference be in?

Because this is an international conference, it will be in the English language.

I would like to know whether the Cross Border Summit is suited for a beginner FBA seller or is this for an advance level sellers/ people who have been
selling in Amazon for a long time?

This is an event catered for those who are already selling on Amazon and want to learn the latest tips and tactics. We recommend taking a beginner course online before attending this if you are new.

Do I need a visa?

Please contact us for visa information to China from your country. Learn more here

How Do I Get A Visa?

We will have detailed directions soon for those who need to apply.

For the visa, can you issue me an invitation letter?

We can issue attendees a business invitation letter if you need it. Please email with your ticket receipt for more information!

How Do I Convince my Boss?

This is a valuable business event! Many previous attendees were able to ask their boss / management for reimbursement, we have prepared this management letter special for you!

Can I be a speaker?

Sure! We’re always looking for great case studies and people to share their experience. Please check our speaker details page for more information and then tell us a bit about you and what you’d like to share!

I’m staying in China first for a few days, where should I stay?

The Guangzhou Cross Border Summit will be at T.I.T Tech Park, near the Canton Tower, downtown.

What is a round table bonus?

We have learned from previous events that many of the participants love to network. It is true, these live events bring together top business executives from around the world, and it is a once in a lifetime chance to have this many amazing people in the same room. So we started doing what we call round tables to end the event. This is a session we end the event with where we take select speakers from the day’s sessions and have attendees choose a “break out session” (round table) on a certain topic with a certain speaker.

Do you have a specific agenda with speaker and topics?

The agenda will be updated as the event nears. This is why early bird pricing is less.

Also will the mastermind speakers be speaking during the conference, andnot just the mastermind session?

Yes, the mastermind hosts will also have a speaker session during the
2 day event.

I’m looking for a media pass

We have a small amount of media passes available and you can apply media pass information and application.

What hotel should I book for the conference?

The venue near so many hotels – T.I.T Tech Park in downtown Guangzhou. There are a few hotels nearby the conference, we have a blog post coming soon.

I want to share CBS to my Network, do you have templates?

Yes! Thanks for wanting to share the word about Cross Border Summit – you can find CBS event templates for email, social media and more here.

How To Find The Venue?

We will update the blog with the most up to direct directions as the event approaches. Please check direction details page for more information and then tell us if you are still in need of help!

My company wants to sponsor!

Awesome! We’d love to have you aligned with our summit! Please email for more information and ask for our sponsorship package! We also have many other ways to you can sponsor here.

Does My ticket include a hotel?

No, the ticket only includes the fee for the conference as listed in the ticket options in the pricing table above. We can recommend you nearby hotels if needed, or book at the hotel of the event.

I heard there is a bundle bonus – how do I get it?

Yes, this year we have a massive bonus bundle, to claim and register for the drawing we will email you the instructions. To see all the bonuses, click here.

Any Questions? Feedback?

We’d Love to Hear it! What do you think of the Cross Border Summit? Interested to attend? Apply to be a speaker? Your company wants to support and be a sponsor?

All of these requests are great – please contact us at – and one of our team members will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Have feedback on ways to improve the event? Maybe this isn’t a conference you think is as good as it could be? We want to hear from you too, especially from you! We love to hear all constructive feedback.

Thanks for your interest in making this conference a success!


Cross Border Summit Mentioned in Forbes!

“Cross Border Summit: Held in Shenzhen, China, on [20-21 April, 2018], this event encourages international participation among industry leaders in cross border commerce between China and the rest of the world with content related to marketing, management, manufacturing, and technology. There are numerous roundtable discussions and networking sessions to encourage collaboration and idea generation. This event is hosted by Global From Asia, which also has a fantastic podcast about doing business in China.”

– 12 Business Conferences In China You Should Attend

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