An Invitation To The Cross Border Summit 2019

Synergize and Scale – this is the theme for the Fourth Annual Cross Border Summit happening on October 22 – 23, 2019. This year’s summit is bringing a lot of firsts making it the biggest CBS event to date. For the first time, it will be held at T.I.T. Park in Guangzhou, China around the same time as the Canton … Read More

Speaker Spotlight: Paulina Masson

Paulina Masson FOUNDER OF SHOPKEEPER (FORMERLY AMZPING) Paulina is a software developer, internet marketer and a serial entrepreneur. She is a long-time Amazon seller and has been running a profit dashboard for Amazon sellers that gave her an in-depth understanding of what makes a business profitable. She is the founder of Shopkeeper (formerly AMZPing) – a business dashboard for Amazon … Read More

Speaker Spotlight: Howard Thai

Howard Thai FOUNDER & CEO, UNITED INTEGRAL INC. Professor of Amazon Howard has a Sellers Lifetime Rank of Top 100 on Known as a “Professor of Amazon”, he has already been featured on The Wall Street Journal. His current focus is on branding, training and helping other Amazon sellers as an agency. He also helps bigger online retailers streamline … Read More

Speaker Spotlight: Davide Nicolucci

Davide Nicolucci FOUNDER & DIRECTOR, GROWTH HACK CONSULTING HK Growth Hacking Your Way To A True Brand Davide Nicolucci is a Growth Hacker, Digital Marketing Consultant, E-commerce Business Coach, Speaker at top E-Commerce Summit & Events in Asia. He has been leading projects across Europe, United States and Asia for the past 10 years. He is also founder of Growth … Read More

Speaker Spotlight: Danny McMillan

Danny McMillan HOST SELLER SESSIONS International Public Speaker & Private Label Seller Danny is the host of Seller Sessions, the largest podcast for advanced Amazon sellers and works with Amazon in the UK to provide webinar content for their 3rd party sellers, as the host of Seller Sessions Live the annual conference for Amazon Sellers and brand. A world renowned … Read More